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Ivan Rivers, also known as Ivan Claridel Rivers, is one of the main heroes of Tales of Mysteria. He is one of the main characters, along with Eu Empress, in their side of the story (Ivan-Eu Side). He is a graduate of military science in his hometwon at the age of 19.

Appearance and Personality

Ivan is a 19 year old boy who is also second in command in managing their hometown, Villmino Empire. He is usually organized, calm and focused on the things he needs to do, but when it comes to stressful situations, he loses his cool and acts indefinitely. Ivan usually doesn't want to mingle with other people especially with strangers. His careless attitude towards other people is also noticeable. But at some times, Ivan shows his compassion to his companions, particularly to his younger brother Xero Reverse.

As they go on with their journey, Ivan suffers a condition which Charlie describes as a "split-personality". When things get out of hand and chaotic, Ivan begins to lose his sense of reasoning and acts according to what he feels like. The reason behind this was revealed after they talked with Neon Guardian during their infiltration in the headquarters of the Knights of Scoverio.

Fighting Style

Ever since he started studying military science, Ivan was taught to handle a sword proficiently. His tactics with sword techniques are fast and agile but not as powerful as the techniques of his partner, Eu. Both Ivan and Xero have the highest agility in their side of the story, which makes them the quickest characters to move around. Like most of the defenders in Quantuaria, Ivan knows how to cast a spell. His elemental attributions are Lightning and Light. Usually, his Lightning based spells were the basic ones while his Light based spells are the powerful techniques. He's notable for using his favored spell, Judgment. His other sword techniques also have elemental attributions like his Lightning Tiger Blade and Guardian Field. Ivan also has a single healing spell (Heal) which he learned from Kanonno.

As common characteristics between the four main characters, Ivan has a second fighting style. As a substitute to his sword techniques, Ivan can use his fists in combat; just like his counterpart in the series, Ion Heartaway. Even though Ivan can use this fighting style, Ion still reigns supreme with this combat style.

Ivan's mystic arte is Lightning Nova. Even though this technique is obviously lightning related, Ivan's Lightning Nova is more described as a Dark based attack. This is a hint of Ivan's original elemental attribution.


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