Quantuaria : Iludian Faction

The followers of Iludia and their territories are situated in the western half of Quantuaria. Most of their lands are focused on natural improvements, as well as institutions dedicated for the Defenders.

Gracenote Edit

The capital land of the west, and the home of the Iludian Artifact. Most that live in Gracenote are Defenders, as well as the appointed Preservers of their faction. The structures situated in this land are considered as ancestral, and some of it are used for tourist attraction.

Scoverio Edit

A land dedicated for education and training institutions. The entire city is mostly dedicated to students, scholars, and researchers. Only a few people are allowed to give in this city, mostly features of the place's contributors.

O'Rue Edit

Situated strategically between the mountains and near the ocean, the province focuses on agriculture, mining , livestocks, and fisheries. This is where the supply of the whole Iludian Faction comes from.

Lunacartes Edit

The Iludian military posted training barracks, and built-up highly defensive structures in Lunacartes as it is situated next tothe border that separates the two factions. People tend to call this area as the "Conflict Zone".

Foribus Vanitas Edit

The most technologically advanced zone in Iludian territory where different researchers and scientists gather. The most popular invention that came from Fribus Vanitas is the "HIVE Communicationi System". Using the system, Iludians were able to contact with each other from faraway places using the device they dubbed as the "Buzzer". Besides inventing devices, the people here also researh on the improvement of Magic Artes using the method of Magic Chants.

Gamumeda Edit

Being health and lifestyle conscious, the Iludians dedicated the lands of Gamumeda for medicinal practices, studies, and manufacturing medications.

Arde Banque Edit

The trade center and major business capital of the faction can be found in this location. Most mercantile zones are situated in this place, and most item prices here range from the cheapest up to the most expensive.

Sien C'lu Forest Edit

Located near Scoverio, the forest is known for its large variety of flora and fauna. It is also rumored to house different Aberrations that can't be found anywhere else in Quantuaria.

Gusternet Edit

A controversial fortress that was previously used by the ancestors to conduct forbidden practice of Magic. The fortress is currently closed to the public as it emits an ominous and dangerous Mana flow.

Laimana | Ataminque | Holdemir | Finemesia | Ashland Edit

Non-specialty cities and provinces found within the Iludian Faction.

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