Diu Quantuaria Kruvalie : Mysteria is the second installment for the collective series. This focuses on the world 1000 years prior the Great Divide between the two factions. Mysteria starts its tale a year before the Millennium of Peace arrives, and how the Dimelians made a move to take up actions to prevent a conflict within their faction that can hinder the merge of Quantuaria back into one.

Cerembra Guidance

In preparation of the end of the Edict of Separation, the Dimelians are making sure that everything will go according to what the Yrther has planned for them, and ensure the further development of the world without war.

Consentes Beginning

With the serious outbreak of Aberrations throughout Quantuaria, the preservers of both the Iludian and Dimelian Factions agreed to cooperate with each other and find a solid solution to stop the widespread attacks of these monstrosities. The story of Mysteria shifts to the point of view of a candidate of guardianship in the Iludian Faction, Dantalion Heartaway. This follows his story to meet the other agents who is currently contributing mostly in the defense of the citizens in the different sectors of the world.

Capitoline Experimentation

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Plot List

  • Plot 4 : Cerembra Guidance
  • Plot 5 : Consentes Beginning
  • Plot 6 : Capitoline Experimentation